Building Inspiring Spaces

NCCW is a reflection of a desire that is not limited to traditional construction, but professional construction with commitment to the highest level of ethics and possible professional and personal standards.

We are not only interested in participating in construction and reconstruction, but we are working to build trust and lasting partnerships with everyone, to ensure that we move forward with our partners in building a better future.

Company Strategy

We believe that our customers are our biggest investment, forming the cornerstone of the company’s future. Therefore, we ensure our strategic partnerships by maintaining a careful and professional development process.

Assets and Expansions

In addition to our contracting projects, (NCCW) have lot of equipment, ranging from heavy specialized equipment to light vehicles. These assets mainly support our own operating divisions.
We are planning to have strategic Partnerships worldwide with specialized international companies at the same field of construction to develop, improvement, achieve our goal to take our right place foreground within major companies at the sultanate market.

Quality policy

At NATIONAL COMPANY FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS (NCCW), customer satisfaction is the primary consideration. In order to continuously offer solid and trustworthy services to our customers, we believe in dedication to ensuring quality and professionalism in everything we accomplish. (NCCW) will gains customer satisfaction through employing a philosophy that includes the following:

We are committed to quality. We achieve excellence by either meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations, and aim for constant improvement and innovation. As importantly, we also respect and comply with applicable statutory and legal requirements.
All managers and employees of (NCCW) will be selected to meet our Quality Management System.
Improving work methods is one of our quality criteria. We will promote this by implementing activities and procedures that research and develop such methods. Furthermore, continuous research and analysis ensure that we learn more about our business, its fundamental processes, and improvement opportunities in every corner of our operations.
We believe that teamwork, a good and healthy work environment, and safety are all top priority requirements of the company towards its employees in all of the company’s divisions.

Health and safety

NATIONAL COMPANY FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS (NCCW) aims to execute its works in a safe and healthy work environment by controlling all job hazards that could potentially harm employees or the environment. Complying with the requirements of our clients as well as all relevant legal and governmental requirements and instructions.

Identifying and controlling all workplace hazards prior to commencing the work.
Ensuring that all employees training are up to date and confirming full and constant implementation of all HSE rules and regulations.
Constantly monitoring the performance of the HSE Management system to ensure its effectiveness.

Costumer care and after sale services

NATIONAL COMPANY FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS (NCCW) aim to have the highest regard for its customers. Therefore, (NCCW) planning to design a robust Customer Care System in order to learn from our customers about what we can improve to meet their satisfaction. At (NCCW), we welcome any suggestions or complaints. (NCCW) will review all requests in a personal manner, and get in touch with customers within 48 hours of their submission.

Company structure and divisions

  • General management administration

  • Projects management

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Human resources administration

  • Tenders and contracts administration

  • Procurement, local purchasing and Stores administration

  • Health, safety and environments management

  • Quality control quality assurance management

  • Projects control (time and cost)

  • Maintenance and after sale services division

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