The Minister of Health on Tuesday issued ministerial decision 120/2020 to form a working group on the COVID 19 vaccine.

The decision states that a working group will be formed to follow up global developments in the field of manufacturing an anti-coronavirus vaccine, and to set up mechanisms to obtain the appropriate vaccine in coordination and follow-up with the  Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI), the World Health Organization (WHO) and specialized companies.

The team shall be headed by the Undersecretary for Health Affairs and will inlcude the Director-General of Disease Control, Director-General of Medical Supplies, the Director-General of Primary Health Care, the Director-General of Pharmacy and Drug Control, and the Director of the Infectious Diseases Control Department at the Directorate General for Disease Control, experts and specialists.

The decision said that the team will submit a report to the Minister of Health with recommendations regarding choosing the appropriate one from the vaccines that are produced globally.