The Ministry of Education has spent OMR 24 million for 17,000 school buses during the study break. The ministry has also affirmed that all necessary measures have been taken that support the various segments of society associated with its work.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Education said, “Despite the continuation of the current financial conditions, the Ministry continues to support the owners of school buses according to their available financial capabilities, by taking the necessary measures towards disbursing the wages of more than 17 thousand school buses, in accordance with the provisions of the contract of assistance school transportation, which is renewed annually, so that it starts with the beginning of the student’s attendance and continues and at the end of the school year, and the monthly fees for buses are paid for ten months.”

In addition, “The ministry paid during the study suspension period from 15/3/2020 to 22/6/202 more than OMR 24 million for school bus owners without operating the service, taking into consideration those aspects and reduce the damages caused by the pandemic on that group and the rest of society.”

“While the Ministry has confirmed studying the matter with the Supreme Committee in charge of discussing the mechanism for dealing with developments resulting from the spread of the COVID-19 and other concerned parties, it affirms its reluctance to take all the measures that it has taken. It would support the various segments associated with their work in the ministry according to the financial resources and capabilities available to them,” the ministry added